Monday, February 4, 2008

As Eli Manning dropped back with 35 seconds left, down by 4 on the 13 yard line i felt anxious as i saw him draw his focus to the end zone. As he released the ball you could see the defensive corner for the New England Patriots stumble and try hard to recover lost ground but by then it was too late, the ball was already in the hands of New York Giants Wide receiver Plaxico Buress as he was pointing to the crowd in triumph. After the Giants scored what would be the game winning touchdown the Patriots obtained possession deep in their own territory with only 24 seconds left. It was a sad sight as all quarterback Tom Brady could do was throw bombs down the field to star wide receiver Randy Moss and pray for a catch which would give them the opportunity to tie the game. Super Bowl 42 was the opportunity for the New England Patriots to make history as they were given the chance to close a perfect season with a Super Bowl victory. There is a lesson to be learned here, as the Patriots won all 18 football games they were praised as the best team in football and possibly the best team ever. But no matter how many games you win, no matter how many points you put up on the scoreboard you will fall short of greatness if you do not come away with that one game, the Super Bowl. Every victory, every touchdown pass and every defensive stop was ultimately for nothing. It is a shame that a team is allowed to go so far and work so hard to end the season with a pat on the back, but that as they say is football.

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