Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleeping is a drug. As i wake up in the morning and hear my alarm the most comforting feeling i have is when i get up to turn the alarm off and proceed to lie back in my bed. This could mean trouble if I did not plan on this but I purposely do it so i can go back to bed. One may ask Why not just keep sleeping till when im really supposed to wake up? I asked myself this same question and when thought about i came to the conclusion that my body was addicted to that feeling of going back to bed after i get up to shut the alarm off. To compensate for this I would set my alarm earlier and earlier and reset it to wake me up after I went back to sleep. I found myself getting up to shut off the alarm three sometimes four times a morning before i had actually gotten up. Over the years I have developed a way for me to wake up easily and without trouble, as by the third time my body would get up it would be easier than the second. Each time I would lay back in bed it would be harder for me to fall back into a sleep and then i would eventually not be tired in the morning when i actually got up. The feeling of going back in bed was addictive to my body and eventually I learned of a way to give it to my body while still being able to get up on time.

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